Santhanam speaks to reporters in press meet for movie

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Santhanam speaks to reporters in press meet for movie

After a long time, actor Santhanam addressed the reporters.  Santhanam was present in the press meet for movie ‘Ishtam’ starring Vimal and Nisha Agarwal. 

As usual, hero for the movie, Vimal, stopped with few words.

But since PRO Mounam Ravi announced that Santhanam would speak for half an hour, Santhanam presented himself with a smile and spoke quite seriously for some time.

‘Many reporters approached me for interview.  But I was not able to concede.  The reason is that I was busy with shooting schedules.  But I will definitely speak to reporters.’  Thus Santhanam excused himself in the very beginning, and suggested how one could rise up in cinemas. 

‘Although talent attributes to 90 per cent of one’s success, it is character which decides the victory.  If basically one is good, he could come up with the talent.’

‘You have risen to the position that the movie business runs only in your presence.  Why still take up roles standing by hero for his love? You could be hero…?’ asked reporters.

Santhanam who panicked replied ‘This is why I do not give interviews much.  It is better to do something what we are able to… For me, comedy works out well… There are lots who could play the hero.’

‘Although there are a thousand comedians in Tamil cine field, only few are mention worthy.  I desire being amidst those few people.’

‘Women’s associations are strongly against lewd comments you pass on about women in movies…’ asked reporters.

Santhanam replied ‘Did I pass comments about women walking in the road… It comes in the movie, and it is relevant to character I do.  I do not understand why people get offended at this?’

The next question was raised by a woman reporter.  It is a question even Santhanam least expected. Her doubt was about where he gets the punch dialogues in his movies.   For the question, Santhanam gave a long explanation.

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