Santhunu fumes as he is sidelined in ‘Ammaavin Kaipesi’

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Monday, Oct 22, 2012

 Santhunu fumes as he is sidelined in ‘Ammaavin Kaipesi’

Thangar Bachan released report that he is doing movie Ammaavin Kaipaesi and added he is doing lead role in the movie.  Making such statement, he approached lead actors for call-sheet.

But nobody volunteered to do side role.  A disappointed Thangar Bachan said nobody is ready to do a good story.  Actors volunteer to do only movies which have foreign locations, added Thangar Bachan.  At last, Thangar had to opt for Santhunu.  Since Santhunu is free, he accepted the movie without hesitation. 

But, it seems Santhunu and Iniya are stars for the movie for namesake.  Scenes showing Thangar Bachan and Meenal seem to be there throughout the movie.  Only at that stage, Santhunu realized that he had been made a dummy hero.

But still, Santhunu played it low understanding his situation.  But since his role in the movie has been sidelined in promotional ventures for the movie, and Thangar Bachan’s role has been publicized much, Santhunu seems to be regret that he has been made to do just a character role.. 

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