Shocking truths come to light as actress is caught carrying out flesh trade

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Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012

Shocking truths come to light as actress is caught carrying out flesh trade

Popular Telugu actress Tara Chowdhry became popular through acting in ‘Adhrusyam’, ‘Rakshagudu’, ‘Priyasaki’ and ‘Love Ticket’.  Now there is a sensational complaint against her.

A young woman has lodged complaint with Panjara Hills police station through a service organization.  In the complaint, she mentioned ‘Actress Tara Chowdhary promised chance for me in cinema.  She called me to her place and forcibly indulged me in prostitution.  I escaped from her and am now filing this complaint.  Action should be initiated against her.’

Police registered a case and investigated.  Following that, actress Tara was arrested and after first level investigations she was remanded to judicial custody.

The first level investigations have revealed the tactics Tara has been following.  These have taken everybody by surprise.

Rajeswari hails from Kammavari, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh.  She entered Telugu field as Tara Chowdhry.  She acted in number of small budget movies.  After that, she began staging her games.

Tara laid bait to young women saying that she would provide chance in cinema.  Then she forced them into prostitution.  People from higher strata of society including former police DGP, police assistant superintend, Andhra industrialist, and people from several political parties became her customers.

She supplied young and beautiful women to them and earned their confidence and money.

She captured photographs of VIPs when they were in compromising position with the women.  She showed the photographs to the VIPs and extorted money from them.  She used to get things done with their help.

Many politicians used to bring women through Tara and supply them to higher level politicians to achieve their ends. 

Tara started earning name and fame. Actress Tara purchased a bungalow in Bangalore.  She expanded prostitution there also.

She has a guest house in Panjara hills.  Tara did not fail to use modern technical aspects.  She posted advertisements in internet and thus attracted customers.  These reports have come out after first level investigation.

Now, Tara is under police custody.  Police have retained laptop computer, hidden camera, secret diary, box full of condoms, 8 cell phones, and photo taken with former chief minister YS Rajasekara Reddy, 8 cell phones and 21 SIM cards.

There are contact numbers of popular icons in the diary.  An audio cassette has also been retained.  In the audio cassette, there is conversation between her and popular industrialist in which she demanded Rs. 5 lakhs from him. 

Petition was filed in Nampalli court to take her into police custody for a week and conduct enquiry.  Government lawyer filed the petition and mentioned:

‘There is requirement to make detailed enquiry.  She has taken photograph with late chief minister Dr Rajasekara Reddy.  It is known that she used the photograph to intimidate customers.  There is need to conduct investigation regarding all these.  So permission should be granted to take her into police custody and conduct enquiry.’

The hearing into the case has been postponed to 10th (today).  Reports say that intelligence wing is making efforts in full swing to gather information about Tara.

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