Shreya opens her heart about her marriage

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Shreya opens her heart about her marriage

Actress Shreya has accepted the reports that she is getting married sooner. But she also maintained that she would continue acting in films after marriage.

Shreya was famous in the South Indian film industry. Later she tried her luck in Bollywood. Now, though she is acting in a couple of films she is not very busy. Hence she decided to get married; her parents have started to look out for a bridegroom for her.

When asked about this to Shreya, “ Yes, it is true that marriage arrangements are going on. Parents are looking out for a bridegroom for me. Everything should take place in the proper age. Parents are eager to get their children married. That’s the reason I have accepted to get married.
I will get married to a guy whom my parents decide. Since I have approved for marriage, rumours may spread that Shreya has lost her film chances, that’s why she is going to get married. I am not bothered about such comments. 

I will act even after marriage. There is no connection between cinema and my marriage. Please understand this. I thought of loving someone if I find the right one. But I haven’t found someone like that. That’s the reason my parents are looking out for me.

My would-be should be healthy. That is very important. He should understand the tinsel world and should be clear in his thoughts. He should also be a good friend of mine. He should share all the things with me without hiding them.

Many couples separate after marriage. I don’t like to take this step. That’s why I investigate thoroughly before getting married.”

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