‘The Dirty Pictures’ to be remade in Malayalam

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

‘The Dirty Pictures’ to be remade in Malayalam

The movie ‘The Dirty Pictures’ was taken based on Silk Smita’s life.  Now they have started remaking the movie in Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and several other languages.  Now some people in Malayalam cine field are into efforts of taking the movie in Malayalam. 

As of now the movie is titled ‘Profile’.  They blatantly confess that the movie is based on Silk Smita’s life. 

How Vijaylakshmi turned into Silk Smita, and how she reined the Tamil movie field through glamour and pleasing delivery is to be told covering every minute detail. 

The production side, speaking regarding this mentioned ‘Silk Smita was introduced in Malayalam cine field through Antony Eastman.  He searched for his pair in Malayalam movie and selected her.  He is to write the story for the movie.’

The screenplay is to be supervised by Kaloor Dennis.  He was the one who did screenplay for Silk Smita’s 15 movies.  Anil is to direct the movie. 

But still, Kaloor Dennis refused to comment about the movie.  Speaking regarding the movie he said, ‘I am doing the screenplay for the movie based on an actress’s real life.  I can divulge only this much now.’

Reports say that shooting is to commence the coming June. 

They have approached Richa Gangopadhyay to do Silk Smita’s role.  She acted in two flop movies as ‘Mayakkam Enna’ and ‘Osthe’.  Currently she is not spoken about in Tamil cine field.  Now, they are looking for her to star in the Malayalam remake of the movie.

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