Simbu and Nayanthara take turns in refuting reports

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Saturday, Apr 07, 2012

Simbu and Nayanthara take turns in refuting reports

Both Simbu and Nayanthara have announced that they do not have any issues acting together.  If there is call sheet they seem to be ready to pair up.

Both were taking turns in making announcements and now, it seems they are compliant towards each other.

One cannot predict how one will change in cinema.  Nayanthara and Silambarasan paired up for movie ‘Vallavan’.  Then they developed intimacy.  But suddenly they separated. 

Simbu seemed to sing a melancholy, and Nayanthara took her turn and commented that Simbu betrayed her. 

Following that, love blossomed between Nayanthara and Prabhudeva.  They were intimate for three and a half years and separated recently.  Now, they are releasing reports about the severing of ties. 

Now, Simbu and Nayanthara who initially separated seem to be compliant towards each other.

Recently it was reported that Simbu requested Nayanthara to pair up with him in movie ‘Vaalu’ and subsequently Nayanthara demanded Rs. 3 crore as payment.  Also, reportedly she imposed conditions that Simbu should not move closely with her.  The report became a sensation.

But both have refuted the report.  Nayanthara speaking regarding this mentioned ‘It is true that director of movie ‘Vaalu’ requested call sheet.  I was not able to allocate dates for the movie.  Now, since I am acting in three Telugu movies, I told him it will result in confusion if I give call sheet for the movie.’

 ‘Regarding this, the producer of the movie did not approach me, and also, I did not impose any condition.  I did not impose condition that Simbu should not enter the caravan.  I do not impose conditions on any producer.  I am not that type of woman.’

‘I do not have issues with Simbu.  I do not have any objection acting with him.  Only if I have date I would act in his movie. Otherwise I would not act.  I did not state there are issues between us.  If I and Simbu are to pair up, either Simbu should announce or I should announce.’

Simbu commented ‘I do not have any problem acting with Nayanthara.  They are spreading rumours that when asked for movie ‘Vaalu’, Nayanthara imposed restrictions’.  (It is noteworthy that Simbu was going about telling he did not even ask Nayanthara to act in ‘Vaalu’.)

‘If a producer or director feels they need both of us for the movie, and if both of us have call sheet, there is nothing wrong in acting.  There is no issue between us two.’

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