Simbu thanks Karnataka people

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Thursday, Apr 12, 2018

Simbu thanks Karnataka people

After Simbu made an appeal to give a glass of water on 11 April as part of peaceful gesture between Kannadigas and Tamils on Cauvery row, many in  Karnataka followed the act and put pictures in social media.Thanking all for the gesture, Simbu in an audio message said, 'I thank people of Karnataka for proving that there is no issue between Kannadigas and Tamils.

Only political parties are trying to create an image that we hate each other but these videos have proven them wrong.

Also, only a few media houses covered this news in Tamil and a few politicians have talked about it, this shows they want us to be separated; I thank them for showcasing their real face. Violence is not a solution for any problem, love is all we need. We will unite for humanity and show them our power'.

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