Sneha about Namitha

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Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

Sneha about Namitha

As per Sneha about Namitha, she is her closest friend during times of anxiety.

Sneha and Namitha are friends since the time when they played a role in the film ‘Naan Avan Illai’. Every time Namitha comes to Chennai she meets Sneha. Both of them dine together. Recently they visited London to participate in an art program.

In London, they spent their time happily by participating in dance and music. They roamed the streets of London in a shopping spree.
When narrating about her friendship with Namitha, Sneha tells “In spite of popularity we have gained, we are just ordinary people. We too have emotions and feelings like common people. Particularly during times of stress I call up Namitha at her residence in Mumbai. She speaks a few words of consolation during every conversation. I open out my heart particularly with Namitha. I like her very much. Beyond my parents she is my strength.”

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