Sneha speaks of her doing movie ‘Haridas’

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Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013

Sneha speaks of her doing movie ‘Haridas’

Movie ‘Haridas’ is the first one that actress Sneha has done after marriage.  Director GN Kumaravelan brilliantly captured the story of a father who struggles to bring up child suffering Autism. 

Sneha does role of school teacher in the movie.  The movie is the first one Sneha took up after marriage.  The movie has had tremendous welcome.  Sneha spoke about her doing the movie ‘Haridas’: -

‘It is difficult to do a realistic movie.  For the first time, I have appeared in the movie without makeup.’ 

‘I have changed into the character for the movie.  So far, I have been moved to tears out of movie by others.  This is the first time I cried after watching my own movie.  Kishore and the child moved me to tears.’

‘Even if I had not done movie ‘Haridas’, I would have volunteered to get the movie across to the masses.  The movie is an excellent one.’

‘The movie is not a copy of previous ventures and is an original one.  I am proud of doing the movie.  After marriage, I am to do 2 movies.  One is with Prakash Raj and there is another movie I am into.  In both the movies, I have got strong roles.  Both I and Prasanna have hit headlines in the media several times.  As I felt that I need a gap, I have not volunteered for interviews.’

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