South Indian actresses and their luck in Bollywood movies

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Friday, Aug 03, 2012

South Indian actresses and their luck in Bollywood movies

There is influence of North Indian actresses in South Indian cine field.  Now, let us analyze the position of those who went from here to Bollywood.

The movie ‘Ghajini’, in which Asin and Suriya paired up, was remade in Hindi. In place of Suriya, Aamir Khan did the role.  The director for movie ‘Ghajini’, AR Murugadoss, selected Asin for role in the Hindi movie also.  The movie turned a super duper hit.  Following success in Bollywood,  Asin was in cloud nine. Asin desired to retain position there in Bollywood.

Following the movie, Asin did ‘London Dreams’ in which she paired up with Salman Khan.  The movie performed averagely in box office.  Again, Asin paired up with Salman Khan for the movie ‘Ready’.  The movie turned a hit.  The recently released movie ‘Houseful 2’ turned a hit.

Although Asin has given these many hits in Bollywood, there is nobody to celebrate her there in Bollywood.  But still, Asin boasts her success in Bollywood.  Earlier reports say that Bollywood actresses look at her like looking at a comedy piece.  It is not known whether she knows this. 

Shruti Haasan

The first movie Shruti Haasan did in Hindi starred Imran Khan.  The movie’s title is ‘Luck’. Only through the movie, she debuted as an actress.  But luck was not by her side.

Following failure of the movie, Shruti came to Tamil cinemas.  The movie ‘7aum Arivu’ she paired up with Suriya turned a hit.  The movies Shruti Haasan did in Telugu did not fare well.  That was the time when ‘Gabbaar Singh’ was released in Telugu.  Following success of the movie, Shruti’s market in Telugu shot up. 

After pairing up with Dhanush for ‘3’, Shruti went to Mumbai. Shruti proved no exception for desire upon Bollywood movies.  She is looking for Hindi movie chances.

Kajal Agarwal

Kajal has got a good name in Andhra.  Even if the hero turns up late at shooting spot, she patiently waits and delivers her role. 

Kajal Agarwal, who turned a big actress in Telugu, has paired up with Vijay, Suriya and Karthi here.  In a development, Kajal paired up with Ajay Devgan for Hindi remake of ‘Singham’.  The movie turned a hit.  But nobody minded Kajal.

Nobody came forward to give a chance to Kajal.  Following this, Kajal takes pains to participate in fashion shows in Mumbai.  She does this sticking to hope that somebody would call her for Bollywood movie.


Ileana’s story is a very long one.  But here we relate it briefly.  Ileana, who is lead actress in Telugu, is no exception for desire in Bollywood.

Ileana tried her luck in Bollywood.  Ileana received chance to do Hindi movie titled ‘Burfi’.  The movie’s hero is Ranbir Kapoor.  But in the movie, there is the Bollywood lead actress Priyanka Chopra.  One could easily discern as towards whom the priority goes. The shooting for the movie began the last March.  But the movie schedule got delayed.  Reports are that Priyanka is delaying Ileana’s first venture in Hindi.

Now, there seems to be affinity between Priyanka and Ileana.  Both have released photo to show that they are fast friends.  But anyway, it is not that easy to deceive masses.  After crossing many hassles, the movie Burfi is to be released this September 14th.  Only then, it will be known whether Ileana’s journey in Bollywood would turn a success.


Trisha, who has been doing many movies in Tamil and Telugu, developed desire in Bollywood movies.  Following that, she did a movie titled ‘Khaata Meeta’ in which she paired up with Akshay Kumar.  But the movie did not perform well.

It is not known what the Hindi audience opine about Trisha after watching the movie.  But, Tamil audience raise doubt as to why Trisha went to Bollywood to do such a stale character.  Following the movie, Trisha anxiously awaited Hindi movie chances.  But it resulted in only a disappointment. Recently, they called her for a movie starring elder actor Sanjay Dutt. 

But Trisha turned down the chance pointing out at problem in call sheet allocation.  But there is doubt as to whether it is indeed the problem in allocation of call sheet that made Trisha turn down the chance.

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