Superstar Rajini makes felicitating address during 14th anniversary of Jaya TV

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Thursday, Aug 30, 2012

Superstar Rajini makes felicitating address during 14th anniversary of Jaya TV

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa felicitated ‘Mellisai Mannar’ MS Viswanathan and Ramamoorthy during 14th anniversary of Jaya TV.  Superstar Rajinikanth, Music Maestro Ilayaraja, ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan, director K Balachander, producer AVM Saravanan participated as special guests.

Rajini, who participated in the event, said ‘There are only few who are beyond success and failure, and only few who are beyond time.  Late Kamarajar, Anna, and MGR are such people. Following those people, my beloved friend Kalaignar, Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa, and MSV are in the list of such people.’

Here are highlights from Rajini’s felicitating speech made for MS Viswanathan:-

‘The heroes for the event as MS Viswanathan… Ramamoorthy… Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa… KB Sir… Saravanan Sir… Music Maestro Ilayaraja… my best friend Kamal Haasan… and Mr. Cho… Mr. Sivakumar… noted icons in cine field… ministers… press reporters… Tamil people who gave me life… I forward my greetings to all of you…’

‘Many cine celebrities desired conducting a felicitation after Jayalalithaa took up as Chief Minister.  But I came to know that Chief Minister did not want it to happen that soon.’

‘Now, the very CM has decided to felicitate MSV.  So, two accomplishments have happened at a go.  This is a huge chance for cine people.  Now, we have got chance to felicitate you as Chief Minister.’

‘Jaya TV is setting foot into 14th year.  I greet all those who work for Jaya TV for the accomplishment.’

‘I too like Jaya TV.  I relish many programs.  Also, I prefer programs being telecast in the morning.  Also, details from history which are telecast before news are wonderful.’

‘Then, I relish program ‘Engae Brahmanan’ by Cho.  The explanations given by Cho are good.  But the program came to a stop.  I asked Cho why he halted relay of program.  Cho replied that even CM asked the same question.   If there is one person who does not abide by even the CM, it is Cho.’

‘Like Kamal said, Jaya TV which was just a small sapling has grown into a huge tree. It is out of sincere efforts.’

‘This is felicitation for MSV and Ramamoorthy.  I feel I am the junior among people here.  When even people like Ilayaraja and Kamal hesitate for words to praise MSV, what could I say?’

‘I have not done many movies with him.  But when I was in Bangalore, those people who do not know Tamil used to hum ‘Ponaal Pogattum Podaa…’ and ‘Naan Aanai Ittaal…’’

‘Although I did not know the language then, I used to go for Tamil movies.  Once, I went to movie ‘Server Sundaram’.  The story is about how a server rises to celebrity status.  That was time when I aimed being a cine actor.’

‘There is one song in the movie ‘AvaLukkenna Azhagiya Manam…’.  For one scene alone everybody applauded.  There was response like when there is a response during MGR or Sivaji movie.  I did not make out head or tail.  I asked a person besides me why everybody is clapping.’

‘A person in the screen who is shown like he is composing music is none other than music composer for the movie MSV.  The applause is for him…’ said person besides me.

‘I was surprised to see a music composer having a huge welcome…’

‘When I came here to Tamil Nadu, I saw him in person during schedules for ‘Aboorva RagangaL’. There was no similarity between what I saw in cinema and in person.  When I saw him in person, he was with Kumkum and bore sacred ashes on the forehead.’

‘There is boat song in ‘MoonRu Mudichchu’ like I am singing it.  The lines are ‘MaNa VinaigaL Yaarudano…’  As I had unique face, they required person with peculiar voice.  MSV gave voce for me.’

‘MSV was the first person to sing for me in cinemas.  You might have heard about song ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ from movie ‘Ninaiththaalae Inikkum.’

‘When I talk about achievers as MSV and Ramamoorthy, I am reminded of one thing.’

‘Death is quite natural.  It comes to everybody.  The death could occur twice.  For 90 per cent of people, death occurs once. Once life departs, everything comes to a stop’

‘There is another kind.  Noted people, when they lose name and fame, when they encounter failure, they are dead the first time.  The second death occurs when life departs.’

‘There are some who do not have death.  Those are just one per cent.  While they live, and after death, they remain in hearts of masses.  Those are immortals.  Also, those people are unique births.’

My beloved friend Dr Kalaignar…

As you observe North… people as V Santha Ram, Dada Saheb Phalke, ST Paraman, and those from South as Kamarajar, Periyaar, Arignar Anna, MGR, Sivani, Kannadasan… although those people are no more, their name and fame remains.  They live amidst us. Even now.’

‘For people as Dr Kalaignar, Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa, Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, success and failure do not leave any impact.’

‘For these people, there is happiness as they encounter success.  When there is failure, they fret a little.  But their name and fame is not affected in anyway.’

‘It is because… they are beyond all those.  They have equilibrium to accept both success and failure.

‘I turn out contemporary to those people.  I am happy I have acquaintance with those people.  Also I desire that Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa does service to people, and thus get name and fame.  I pray almighty that she has physical health and mental peace to carry out all those’ said Rajinikanth in his address.

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