T Rajendar speaks of his son emotionally during audio launch

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Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013

T Rajendar speaks of his son emotionally during audio launch

Recently, reports went abuzz that Simbu and Hansika are romancing each other.  Also, reports said that Simbu is preparing for marriage next year, and that Hansika has delayed marriage by five years.  During audio launch of ‘Arya Surya’ directed by Rama Narayanan, Simbu’s father T Rajendar clarified regarding the reports. 

‘A senior reporter has been in the media very since my movie ‘Oru Thalai Raagam’.  One fine day, he contacted me over phone and I gave him an interview.  As one among questions, he asked me when I am going to conduct Simbu’s marriage.  I said that my son has decided to marry only after his sister Ilakkiya is married. 

Also, the reporter asked me whether I would concede if the bride is an actress…

‘Then I replied that I would accept whosoever my son chooses.  The reporter did not mention any particular actress’s name.  Also, I did not answer with anybody in mind.  But, reports following the interview wrongly claimed that my son romances Hansika and that I have given consent to their marriage.’ 

‘I promise upon God, I did not mention any actress’s name.  I just said that I would agree to his marriage with any girl.  The senior reporter distorted that totally and wrote reports.’

‘I do not give interview to media without recording it.  As the senior reporter has been a longtime friend, I gave interview over phone.  Now, the reports are distorted and they are weaving stories. Same way, they linked my son with actress Nayanthara.  But, that actress developed links with somebody else, and she proved reason for split in the person’s family.’

‘Now, they are linking my son with another actress and spreading rumors.  It is not justified to spread such reports without realizing that actors are also humans.’ 

‘My son is a very good person.  He says that we as parents should like the girl more than he likes the girl. Also, he added that our consent is important.  After children start earning beyond a level, they forsake their parents.  But, till date, my son respects his parents’ feelings.’

‘I have got such a wonderful son who sticks to the Tamil culture that he would marry only after his sister’s marriage.  What other credit could I have as a father…?’ said T Rajendar emotionally.

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