Tamannaah reveals that she is a gourmet

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Friday, Nov 16, 2012

Tamannaah reveals that she is a gourmet

Cine actresses are particular about increasing their beauty and maintaining perfect build.  Otherwise, an actress cannot last in cinema.  They need to switch over to another profession.  So, actresses maintain diet and undergo physical exercises. 

But Tamannaah is just the opposite.  She spoke regarding this:-

‘I have seen actresses avoiding food out of fear that beauty would be lost.  I am not that.  I eat what I prefer.  I eat a lot and then do proper exercise.’

‘I am a gourmet. I cannot stay away from favorite dishes.  I like Hyderabad Biriyani.  When I go to Hyderabad, I take Biriyani in hotels. Through my friends, I have known where one could get delicious biriyani.  Also, I like fish.’

‘In Tamil Nadu, I prefer Sāmbhar and Idly. I do not know cooking.  My mother cooks at home.  Delicacies she prepares are delicious.  I eat well.  Although I do not know cooking, I sense it when the ingredient is lacking.  After preparation of food, my mother asks me to taste it and opine’ said Tamannaah.

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