Tamil director lauds Ajit

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Saturday, Jan 21, 2012

Tamil director lauds Ajit

Beyond fans, actor Ajit has associates in cine field.  Ajit who is being addressed a gentleman among cine icons has a fan among directors.

Pandi Sarojkumar is the director of ‘Porkalam’.

Pandi Sarojkumar has posted a comment in the facebook ‘I cannot agree with people criticizing Ajit. If still they criticize I will protest.  I will retaliate.  I will go to any limit for Ajit.  Ajit is honest, simple, brave and responsible.  He came up through self confidence and hard work.

‘Ajit has a place in the heart of Tamil fans.  He is a role model for new faces in the film industry.  He is not a big actor.  He doesn’t know dance that much.  Only few of his movies have turned hit.  But succeeding superstar Rajini, he has a place in the heart of fans.  Only if you are in the cine field you will sense his greatness.  I have seen him in close quarters and admired him.’

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