Tamil outfits seek ban on ‘Madras Cafe' for showing LTTE in bad light

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Friday, Jul 19, 2013

Tamil outfits seek ban on ‘Madras Cafe\' for showing LTTE in bad light

Movie ‘Madras Café’ is produced by John Abraham, and he has done the movie’s hero.  The movie is directed by Shoojit Sircar. 

Initially, the movie had been titled ‘Jaffna’.  Then, the movie’s title was changed to ‘Madras Café’.  A petition has been filed with Chennai Police Commissioner on behalf of director Seeman’s ‘Naam Thamizhar’ party.  In the petition, Seeman has accused that LTTE cadres are wrongly depicted as terrorists in the movie, and that ban should be imposed on the movie. 
Following trail, Students Federation for Free Tamil Eelam has filed complaint petition with Chennai Police Commissioner.
The petition reads as follows: -

‘Madras Café is movie which is to hit screens in states including Tamil Nadu.  The movie’s trailer arouses suspicion that LTTE outfit is shown as terrorist outfit, and also arouses suspicion that Tamil people are depicted as terrorists.  No outfit that struggles for Tamils, including Naam Thamizhar party would accept to showing Tamil people as terrorists to the outer world.’   

‘Already, as movie ‘Dam 999’ was released and when it spread opinion against Tamil people, it triggered controversy, and the movie was banned by Tamil Nadu Government.  Also, ‘Vishwaroopam’ was banned and was released only after controversial scenes were removed.  We demand that the movie ‘Madras Café’ be screened for heads of Tamil outfits. If there are controversial scenes in the movie ‘Madras Café’, the movie should be banned from release in Tamil Nadu.’

The police commissioner received the petition, and assured that it would be taken across to the government.  Also, he suggested that the court be approached for ban on the movie.  Tamil outfits have requested that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister takes immediate action on the issue.  It is expected that the movie would trigger controversies when it hits screens on August 23rd.

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