Thambi Ramaiah turns singer for ‘Vu’

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Saturday, Apr 06, 2013

Thambi Ramaiah turns singer for ‘Vu’

Thambi Ramaiah, who is into movie ‘Vu’, has done a number for the movie.  Actor Thambi Ramaiah is a multifaceted film artiste who has won the National Award. 

It is Thambi Ramaiah who is filling up the void left by Vadivelu.  Thambi Ramaiah does main role in the movie ‘Vu’.  The movie ‘Vu’ is about comedy by Thambi Ramaiah and four mischievous friends.  The shooting schedules are over and the post production schedules are in progress.  Now, there is another surprise.  Thambi Ramaiah dose playback singing for movie ‘Vu’. 

Thambi Ramaiah has done a philosophical item number, for which music composition is by debutant music composer Abhijith Ramaswami and for which lyrics are by Murugan Manthiram.  Not alone that he did the number well, but the highlight is that he danced for the number in Chennai Film Institute. 

Thambi Ramaiah spoke ‘It is enthralling to work with the youth team.  Most of the team members are below age of 24.  Not alone that, the members of the team are not egoistic.  I was surprised at that.  I have done the number with much interest.  This is the first time that I am dancing and singing for my own number.’

Tune is by brother Abhijith and lyrics pregnant with meaning are by Murugan Manthiram.  I believe that the song would turn a melody and turn commercial hit.  These youngsters would grow to a higher level. My advance wishes to the youngsters.’

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