Thangar Bachan about Ammaavin Kaipesi and present scenario in cine field

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Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

 Thangar Bachan about Ammaavin Kaipesi and present scenario in cine field

 ‘All human minds are not hundred percent perfect.  The life is intertwined with right and wrong.  As per the place, they permit certain offenses.  Some get entangled in many crimes.  Some get into difficulty although they have done just few offenses. But offenders are offenders.  This is the message I am trying to get across through movie ‘Ammaavin Kaipesi’ says Thangar Bachan, reliable creative artiste in Tamil cinema. 

‘Although you encounter alternate success and failure, you take up stereotyped arena for your movies… why don’t you take up story with star actors in it?’

‘Do you think there is dearth of stories in me?  There are many stories that I could relate.  But who is ready to hear? But I would not come out of my style.  If I am pushed to that plight, I would not be in cinema field.  I have farmland in Pathira Kottai near Banrutty.  I would be satisfied with just that.’

‘Why are you this stubborn?’

‘I do not believe in commercial cinemas with just no story.  I am not in cine field to make story out of nothing.  I believe that literature is true record of human life.  I would bring those to cinema.  I do not desire doing movies, giving the lion’s share to actors and giving nothing to the laborers.’

‘Basically, cinema is a business. Is it possible to take a movie for loss?’

‘They say that so far this year, 160 movies have been released.  This is history.  But what is the use?  Only few movies turn hits.  Then, is it that others are art movies.  If truth is that only commercial movies turn hit, why is it that not one commercial movie is in the list of hit movies?’

‘There is welcome to movies which lack realistic approach.  Everybody knows the tactic to retrieve the invested amount in three days.  Is there anything here for creative artiste?’

‘There are many movies which lack identity as language, culture and tradition.  Although few people like me endeavor, there is no acknowledgment.  It is five years since my movies have been released.  There is nobody to invest in movies, act in movies, and purchase movies.  If all these are procured, there is not theater to screen the movie.  Pirated VCDs are released.  This is the reward society gives to true creative artiste. Cinemas which have lost identity are taboo in society.’

‘What is the reason for this? What is the solution?’

‘’There was government order that for 36 weeks in a year, only Tamil movies should be screened.  But some theaters are occupied by only Hindi and English movies.  This is atrocity which is in no other Indian state.  There is no theater to screen regional movies.  If there are few theaters, those are occupied by big budget movies which hit livelihood of small producers.  Could I show my movie in the street?  Where could I lament the plight? Movies by few individuals occupy theaters.  Cine Associations do not function.  These are the reasons.’

‘Ammaavin Kaipesi?’

‘Through my stories, I have related the truth.  I have spoken of humanity.  The present movie is like that.  Only through feelings one could touch human hearts.  Fans are not ready to relish just action and glamour. Beyond all that they support good movies.  Breaking tradition, and rejecting pompous movies, movie Azhagi turned hit.  The present movie would be like that. I believe this would work out.’

 ‘You are going to see a village mother’s yearning, love, and affection for her son.  The movie is to remind the forgotten village and forgotten love a mother has for son.  As said in the beginning, you would come out with opinion that there is offender in everybody.’

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