The program in Vasanth TV about lyricist legend Vaali

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Monday, Nov 21, 2011

The program in Vasanth TV about lyricist legend Vaali

Vaali is a lyricist who even beyond 81 is writing lyrics for heroes among the age group of 16.  He has come through several generations as MGR – Sivaji, Kamal – Rajini, ‘Vijay –Ajith’, and Simbu –Dhanush.  The fact being that there are of course interesting happenings in his life Vaali himself opens out his heart regarding this. This is to be relayed as a new program in ‘Vasanth TV’. h

The program is to play 1000 songs from the total number of songs that Vaali has written.  They have titled the program as ‘Vali 1000’.  This program has been made with several interesting aspects in it.  This program has been divided into five sections, and Kollywood icons have taken an interview of Vaali in the section ‘Kollywood to Valiwood’.

Lyricist Vaali has opened in his heart and revealed several interesting facts and at the same time answered sensational questions.

Particularly, cartoon Madhan during his interview with Vaali has asked him whether he has mixed with actresses.  As a reply, Vaali has told blatantly that he has even taken hot drinks with them. 

When an interviewer shot a question as to why lyricists always sing in praise of politicians and spend their lives, Vaali retaliated by asking whether it was the doubt about his praising Kalaignar.  ‘What other political party has favored lyrics and the lyricist? That is why I sang in praise of Kalaignar.’ When a reporter shot the question about whether MGR has not supported him, Vaali retaliated by stating that MGR too was in DMK. ‘That’s why I told that.’

‘I am taking into account not an individual but the party.’, said Vaali.  Vaali shared all these at the press meet arranged for this occasion.  When asked about whether Kalaignar will be present for interviewing him at the occasion Vaali told it would of course happen.

‘I have not invited anybody who has come now for the interview.  The program crew called these people and with no objection they came.  If I invite Kalaignar he will of course come.’  If this is to be one person’s question, how would be other people’s question? Anyway, this program which is to be relayed from January, will of course increase DRB rating of Vasanth TV.

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