This Deepavali for actresses

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Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

This Deepavali for actresses

It is all fun during Deepavali for children, youngsters and elders.  They celebrate Deepavali with all pomp and happiness by wearing new clothes, and spending time biting various food items, and bursting crackers. Cinema stars explain about how they celebrate Deepavali in a similar fashion. It is as follows…

This year I am going to celebrate Deepavali in my residence here at Chennai.  For quite long I have not been able to spend time for festivals. Now during this eve I feel like having got a holiday. Since we tend a lot of dogs in our home we do not burst crackers. There is nothing so special this year. At times I go for shopping. Hence there are a lot of attires.  During this Deepavali I am going to meet a lot of friends.

Tamannah who has not shown up at Kollywood in recent times says, I am in Switzerland for the shooting of ‘Ram’, a Telugu film. So I do not know whether I will be able to celebrate Deepavali.  But still I am making best of efforts to be here on Deepavali. Since I am busy with a lot of movies in Telugu I am missing out on lot of festivals.

Anuya, the lead actress in ‘Siva manasula Sakthi’, ‘Madurai Sambavam’ says “I am now in Mumbai. Only on the eve of Deepavali I will be at my native town Pune.  Being with my family is that which is special during this Deepavali.  I am going to be with my family for a very long time.  The movie ‘Nanban; is to be released during Pongal. I am awaiting this film very much.

Priya Mani
This year I am going to celebrate Pongal with my family in Bangalore. I have bought to Jeans attire.  I do not usually burst crackers. This Deepavali being my brother’s ‘Thala Deeavali’ is very special for me.

This year I am going to celebrate Deepavali in my elder sister’s home.   There are a lot of environmental hazards like the hole in ozone layer, and natural disasters caused by pollution. So I am not inclined to burst crackers.  All through the day I am not going to worry about diet, and will enjoy taking lot of sweets.  This Deepavali is very special for me because my mother has presented a new sari to me.   Originally the Sari was a purple one. But nodding to my wish, she changed the color to green.  This is my biggest gift.

For this Deepavali I will be at my home here at Chennai. I have taken six, seven Salwars.  It is the fact that  recently  my films have proven to be hits which makes my Deepavali special. So I am very happy.   I have ordered a lot of crackers.  I have asked my mother to prepare a lot of food items this Deepavali.

Lakshmi Rai
This Deepavali is at Malaysia.  I am acting in Balakrishna’s movie in Telugu. I am very busy in films for the past one and a half years.   I am so busy that I am not able to celebrate in any festival.  At present, I am acting in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies. The success of my films has added importance to my Deepavali this year.

This Deepavali I am going to be with my parents.   We usually go on a weekly shopping spree/ I have bought a variety of dresses.  I love bursting crackers.  There is nothing so special about my Deepavali this year. I have made a lot of plans for my younger sister’s birthday.  Bombay sweets is very special here.  I am going to take a lot of sweets this Deeavali. Please do not pass this on to my mother.

I am at Pollachi for the shooting of Malayalam film “Kunjezhiyan”. I am going to my native town only during Deepavali.    There is not much pomp for Deepavali in my family. It is only Onam which is special for me.  I will celebrate Deepavali with my friends.  There will be lot of sweets at home.   After that, I will go about my usual chores.

Hansika Modhwani
The movie Velayudham is to be released during Deepavali.  Hansika too is to celebrate Deepavali with her family.   I will spend time happily with my family during Deepavali.  Luckily this year, I do not have much cinema shootings at hand.

I am in the shooting for the Malayalam picture ‘Masters’.  I will be there at my home only during the evening of Deepavali.  I have got a special attire for myself this Deepavali.   I will wear the new attire at home, eat sweets and burst crackers.


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