Titanic heroine Kate Vincelet modest as she comments about self

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Monday, Jul 02, 2012

Titanic heroine Kate Vincelet modest as she comments about self

The heroine for movie ‘Titanic’, Kate Vincelet has made a comment ‘I do not have beautiful breasts.  My breasts are very average ones.’

Actress Kate Vincelet, from England, won the hearts of world audience through her cast in movie ‘Titanic’.  Almost everybody among world audiences is enticed by her majestic beauty in the movie.  But Kate Vincelet has not bragged even once about her beauty.

Although Kate has been receiving first position or vital position in list of actresses deemed sexiest, she has never proclaimed herself as a great beauty or a sexy person.

Kate, who is currently running 36, opined regarding her age and her appearance.  Read further...

‘I am not that sexy a person.  In real, I do not have beautiful breasts even.  My body does not have those beautiful curves.  Those are average.  But I have never worried about those.  Also, I have not hesitated doing sexy and romantic scenes.’

‘I believe that when both exposing and doing sexy scenes it would help other women gain self-confidence.  That is why I have never worried about my beauty.  I am satisfied that many women gain self-confidence on seeing me.’ 

‘Practically, I am just one among those whom you could come across in streets. My build, weight and appearance are all just average.’

In movie ‘The Reader’ released in 2008, Kate fully exposed her body for a scene.  She received Oscar for the movie.  Till date, the movie ‘Titanic’ occupies an indelible place in the hearts of world audiences.  Then, the fans who observed a beautiful Kate have been looking at her with the same outlook till date.

When Kate did ‘Titanic’ she was just 21.  Now, Kate has crossed 15 years in cine career.  She seems not to worry much about age.  ‘I have self-confidence aplenty.  I have never been obsessed about turning older.  That is natural.  As age increases, my mental stamina increases.  The enthusiasm to do more is increasing.’

‘I am not the person I was when aged 21.  As time passes, my body muscles would weaken.  Breast would slacken.  I may shed hair.  The teeth might bulge out. These are natural.  But my confidence is strong’ said Kate.  It is to be noted that Kate Vincelet married twice and divorced.  Her first husband is director Kim.  Then, she married director Sam Mendis in 2012 and later divorced him.  Currently, for the third time she romanceas a person.

Through her earlier marriages, she has two children through her two former husbands respectively. Miya, aged 11, is one among the two children. 

Currently, Kate does a mentally stressed character of a lone mother for movie ‘Labour Day’.

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