Disgruntled members cause split in TN Producer Council

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Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012

Disgruntled members cause split in TN Producer Council

There is severe condemnation amidst members of Producer Council as the head SA Chandrasekaran took part in the discussion arranged by Tamil Nadu government. 

Following this, 20 important officials including Producer Council general secretary PL Thenappan, RK Selvamani and Muralidharan resigned from their posts.

Also they are to start a new association among themselves.  The interim head for the association is to be Ibrahim Ravuttar.  Also, election is to be held in the Producer Council.

This association was very keen about breaking up FEFSI and starting new workers federation.  They stuck to their decision that there is no place for discussion with FEFSI and arranged for new workers federation.  There was splitting inside FEFSI for past two days.  As first development, dance artistes union split.

But since there was intervention from government, Producer Council settled the matter with FEFSI.  Moreover with government threatening action if new association is begun, it is noteworthy that Producer Council has split now.

The disgruntled group is keenly into removing SA Chandrasekaran from the post of head.  Soon election may be held.

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