The persisting rivalry between Trisha and Nayanthara

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Wednesday, Apr 18, 2012

The persisting rivalry between Trisha and Nayanthara

The rivalry between Nayanthara and Trisha, both in Tamil and Telugu cinema is very prominent.  Both do not relent when it comes to grabbing the other’s chance.  This rivalry between the two is existing for the past 10 years.

When it comes to payment, Nayanthara is in the lead.  Trisha gets Rs. 20 lakhs lesser than Nayanthara.  It is to be noted that movies reported to cast Nayanthara went to Trisha, and chances that Trisha received shifted hands to Nayanthara.

Nayanthara was signed up for Vijay Starrer ‘Kuruvi’.  But later, in her place Trisha was signed up.  Nayanthara returned the advance she received with pent up anger.  Trisha was signed up for Vishal Starrer ‘Satyam’.  But at the last moment, Nayanthara grabbed the chance.

Also, this rivalry exists when it comes to advertisement chances.  Nayanthara was signed up for advertisement for popular jewellery shop in Chennai.  For the same shop, Trisha turned the brand ambassador.  There seems to be a clash between the two as to who has maximum number of advertisement boards.

This rivalry seems to be sinking down into their personal matters.  Trisha recently released a photograph in Twitter in which she posed intimately with Prabhudeva, former lover of Nayanthara.

Nayanthara did not keep mum... She was seen moving closely with Trisha’s friend Tagupathy Rana in an event, and this was broadcast in the channels. Seeing this Trisha heaved a hot sigh.

Trisha seems to be contemplating an appropriate retort.

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