Trisha to marry or not to marry

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Wednesday, Dec 07, 2011

Trisha to marry or not to marry

It has become usual for news about Trisha looking out for alliance to be released, and then about her signing of agreement in a Telugu movie.

Another day a news was abuzz that Trisha is to betroth an American industrialist…  Within another two days news was aired that she has signed for a new movie with Vishal.

What is happening?  Is it a strategy Trisha has taken up to get chances with a subtle say

 ‘If you need call sheet come now… otherwise I will marry.’

When Trisha was asked regarding this she said ‘Mhmmm… I am not like that’

‘Is it still the same way that I have to run behind people for chances… Only I can do the roles befitting myself.  That is why chances are coming my way.  I have not decided so far about marriage.  Only the person who understands me well can be my husband.’

‘Reason is that I am a dog lover.  I am tending a lot of dogs.  What can I do with one who least likes dogs… Then I cannot think about my life. So I will marry only the one who understands me in all aspects.  I have not seen such person so far.’, says Trisha.

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