Udhay speaks tough on Manithan

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Monday, May 02, 2016

Udhay speaks tough on Manithan

Red Giant movies seems to always seems to be up in arms with the Tax Exemption Committee.

 The latest is producer-actor Udhayanidhi Stalin is today approaching the court to file a case against both the government and the Tax Exemption Committee for rejecting tax expemtion for his movie Manithan.

In spite of getting a U certificate, the committee rejected the tax exemption stated that the name of the movie Manithan is not a Tamil word.  

A government committee that saw the film said that the title is not a Tamil word and hence they cannot stand to benefit tax exemptions. Udhay says, 'Had they given my film the tax exemption, I would have been shocked.

I expected this denial and I am not surprised at all. They denied it and they gave me a reason, which is very silly. They say Manithan is not a Tamil word,

it is Sanskrit.' He adds, 'I will be filing a case against the committee today, and as usual I will fight for it.' Incidentally, this is not the first time that Udhayanidhi is facing such an issue. Almost all the films produced under his banner faced similar issues.

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