Bad time for Vadivelu

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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011

Bad time for Vadivelu

A question to vaigai puyal, did you act in the film RAANAA.

The attitude of his offended reply  “Raanaavaa vathu keenaavaa vathu” lead to his fat is questionable one now mean while there is some news Rajinikanth is willing to give opportunity in the film RAANAA.

First of all vadivelu is proposed and give roll to him in this film, but Rajinikanth is got angry with offended reply of Vadivelu,  and Rajinikanth decided to give roll to Kancha karuppu.

After the defeat of Assembly election, there is no opportunity and no one film to him chances to be given to Vadivelu in RAANAA told by the super star - Kollywood speak about it ,

About this question asked director of the film RAANAA K.S.Ravikumar he said 'Rajinikanth recommended only to the actress Deepika padukone and no one is decided act this film ,I now talk with Rajinikanth , and even met him singapore also the discussion about this film not entertained in my talks.

I had talked about his health conditions, only after his arrival to chennai after his recovery of health it will be decided whose are to be acted in this film said K.S.Ravikumar

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