Vadivelu sure about getting into politics

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Monday, Feb 27, 2012

Vadivelu sure about getting into politics

‘Vaigai Puyal’ Vadivelu has recently stated that he would sure make entry into politics and nobody can stop him from doing that.  A question is lingering in the political and cine circles about whether Vadivelu will participate in the Sankaran Kovil by-election campaign.

Vadivelu’s answer to the question is as follows:

‘My mother Sarojini is in Madurai Airavadha Nalloor hospital following health setback.  Due to that I was not able to participate in the by-election campaign.’

Further in the interview Vadivelu mentioned ‘Some have raised question as to whether it really requires Vadivelu to enter into politics.  Every voter is a politician. Since I am one among the masses who exercise vote, I too am a politician.’

‘Some ask me whether I will contest in elections.  When time and circumstances compel I will meet people.  I would not hide in fear on seeing anybody.  I will have full-fledged involvement in politics. It is absurd to say that I should not enter politics.’

 ‘I will sure make entry into politics.  Nobody can stop me.  Some say the cine field has sidelined me.  Soon announcement regarding my cast in lead role for a movie will be released.’

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