Vedika to appear glamorously in ‘Silandhi 2’

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Friday, Mar 08, 2013

Vedika to appear glamorously in ‘Silandhi 2’

Actress Vedika has done movies as Kaalai, Muni and Chakkarakatty.  Currently, Vedika does a different role in Bala’s directorial venture ‘Paradesi’. 

But still, Vedika has not received any noteworthy chance in Tamil. So, Vedika has decided to do exceeding glamour in movie ‘Silandhi 2’. 

Movie Silandhi directed by Aadhi, starred Monica.  In the movie Monica did exceeding glamour.

Although there are many flaws in the movie’s story, fans did not point out mistakes and silently relished glamour done by Monica in the movie.  So, the movie turned a silent hit. 

But following the movie, Monica received chances to do only bathing scenes in movies. Monica was taken aback at that and refused to do further glamour as she felt they would make her almost another Shakeela. 

In a development, the company which produced movie Silandhi is to produce the sequel to the movie Silandhi.  They seem to have contacted Monica as they felt she would be the appropriate actress for the movie. 

But Monica seems to have accused them of making her doing glamour roles when she was sticking to homely characters. She seems to have very strongly said that they need not approach her for glamour role in another movie. 

As the production unit was in search of appropriate actress for the movie, Vedika who is into ‘Paradesi’ came to their attention.  After hearing the story for sequel to ‘Silandhi’, she seems to have readily consented.  So, the day is not far off for fans to relish glamour by Vedika.

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