‘Vetri Chelvan’ director denies torturing mentally-ill for movie

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Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

 ‘Vetri Chelvan’ director denies torturing mentally-ill for movie

Some scenes for movie ‘Vetri Chelvan’ have been shot in Mental Asylum, Kilpauk.  The movie stars Ajmal and Radhika Apte.  The movie is direction by Rudran. 

The shooting for movie ‘Vetri Chelvan’ was held in locations as Ootty, Moonaru, Kashmir, and Pondicherry.  Some communist outfits protested against conducting shooting in mental asylum. 

The outfits accused that the shooting happened without permission and that the mentally ill are being tortured.  Also, they pasted posters against the movie.  When asked with director Rudran regarding this, he said: -

‘Movie ‘Vetri Chelvan’ is a jolly commercial story.  Ajmal does doctor and Radhika Apte does lawyer. Also, playback singer Mano does lecturer in Music College.  Some scenes were shot in Mental Asylum.  Some outfits protested saying mentally-ill are being tortured.  Nobody tortured the inhabitants of the mental asylum. 

We have not used the mentally-ill admitted to the hospital for the movie.  We got due permission for government and conducted the shooting.  We are prepared to screen the movie to press and social activists.  Most of the story progresses in a different background.

Only few scenes have been taken in hospital.  Reports were released that there was quarrel between Ajmal and Radhika Apte during shooting.  It is false.  No such clash happened.  Both have done well.  The movie has come out wonderfully.  The movie is set for release next month.’

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