Firstly Vijay and then Ajit?

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Thursday, Jun 30, 2011

Firstly Vijay and then Ajit?

The film “VELAYUTHAM” and “MANKATHA” released simultaneously – No ,No ! Mankatha first next Velayutham  controversial speeches by peoples each other. What is true fact?

 The film works “VELAYUTHAM” nearly completed. The unit worked enormously to release of audio then film.

Some time they do their works relax ably , even after more efforts sincerely. Enquiry heard about the film “MANKATHA” the balance in shooting continue to some more days. More over Ajit – Laxmirai song and some portions to be shooted in BANKOK . Completion of post-production and then release of this film happened – sources reliable.


Film “MANKATHA” released after “VELAYTHAM” – this is the known fact.

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