Vijay appears in Khaddar for ‘Thalaivaa’

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Saturday, Mar 23, 2013

Vijay appears in Khaddar for ‘Thalaivaa’

Although actors make appearance in gaudy attire for cinema, the white shirt made out of Khaddar gives a majestic look.  That is the reason why politicians and cinema VIPs change to the white Khaddar attire for important events.  Vijay, who is not used to wearing the Khaddar, has worn the attire for the first time for movie ‘Thalaivaa’.  In major portions of the movie, Vijay appears in Khaddar. 

When asked the reason for appearance in the Khaddar attire, sources said ‘For mass entertainers, story is intertwined with romance and comedy.  There is touch of politics to the movie.  The opinion behind the Khaddar attire is that one necessarily need not be an offspring of politician to be a politician. If there is sincerity, he could turn politician.’
When asked about whether the movie centres politics, they give denial as answer. 

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