Vijay does ‘Jilla’ to keep up his word

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Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013

Vijay does ‘Jilla’ to keep up his word

During last day of shooting, actor Vijay is used to presenting gifts to the technicians who are into the movie. 

During last day of shooting for movie ‘Velayutham’, technicians queued up to receive gifts from Vijay. Vijay gave gifts to everybody, but missed out the assistant directors.  This shocked everybody. 

Vijay then said: -

 ‘If any among assistant directors here is ready with script, I would do movie directed by him. That is the loving gift I give to my assistant directors.’

This shocked everybody including director Raja.  But, no assistant director had a story in hand.

But Vijay said ‘If you do not have the script now, please prepare it for me.  When time comes, I would give you chance.’

 So as to keep up the word, Vijay provided Nesan the chance to do his movie ‘Jilla’.  It is to be noted that Nesan was assistant director for movie ‘Velayutham’.

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