Vijaykanth desires making his son a comedy actor

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Thursday, Oct 03, 2013

Vijaykanth desires making his son a comedy actor

Whether or not party cadres turn up at Vijaykanth’s office daily, assistant directors in Kodambakkam invade his office. 

You may think that Captain Vijaykanth is to do a movie. But, it is not so. He desires making his son Shanmuga Pandiyan a movie hero. 

Vijaykanth is keenly into efforts to make his younger son Shanmuga Pandiyan a hero in Tamil cinema. 

Whatever be the work that awaits him with respect to politics, and even amidst court formalities, Vijaykanth is silently functioning as a responsible father. 

Captain has formed a team to select stories for his son.  Whoever approaches to narrate story, the team hears the story first.  If they like the story, then team head Sudeesh hears the story.  If he likes the story, the movie could be launched. 

Although Captain is an action hero on screen, his political view is funny.

Same way, Captain is to introduce his son as comedy actor and not as action hero.  The team heard story from about hundred assistant directors, and they are not satisfied with even one comedy story. 

Till date, they are in search of suitable script.  But, assistant directors are surprised that Captain’s son needs comedy story.  As they viewed his photograph, they retreated silently. 

Captain, who was worried that it should not be too late for his son to enter cine field, seems to have decided to remake Telugu movie ‘Brindavanam’ in Tamil. 

Captain desired to make KS Ravikumar direct the remake. So, he laid the bait for KS Ravikumar. 

Already, Captain asked AR Murugadoss to ready story for his son.  But, after seeing Captain’s son in person, Murugadoss silently slipped away.

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