Vikraman’s upcoming flick starring new faces

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Friday, Oct 12, 2012

Vikraman’s upcoming flick starring new faces

Director Vikraman retains a place for himself in Tamil cinemas.  It is to be noted that all of Vikraman’s movies won much acclaim and turned hits. 

There are quality movies in the list as Pudhu Vasantham, Naan Paesa Ninaippathellaam, Vaanatthai Pola, Unnidatthil Ennai Kodutthaen, Surya Vamsam, Piriyamaana Thozhi, Unnai Ninaitthu.  All of Vikraman’s movies could be viewed with family and depict romantic sentiments. 

Upcoming flick by Vikraman is 'Ninaitthathu Yaaro'.  Vikraman is to cast new faces for the movie.  He is keenly into selection of the new faces.  After selection of actors, he is to train them and is to start the shooting.  Also, Vikraman is to introduce two new lyricists. 

Regarding this, Vikraman spoke:-

‘Movies I have directed so far are romance and family sentiment ones.  Btu the movie Ninaitthathu Yaaro prioritizes romance. Usually in my movies, there is importance to songs and music.  This would be obvious in my current movie also’ said Vikraman.

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