‘Viswaroopam’ certified ‘U/A’ in Tamil

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Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012

‘Viswaroopam’ certified ‘U/A’ in Tamil

Viswaroopam is movie out of Kamal Haasan’s excellent delivery. The movie is direction by Kamal Haasan himself.  There are stars in the movie as Pooja Kumar, and Andrea. The Tamil version of the movie has been certified ‘U/A’ and Hindi version has been certified ‘A’.  Only after removal of some objectionable scenes, the movie was certified ‘U/A’ in Tamil 

The movie has been made in locations in America and Afghanistan where much movie shootings have not been held.

Kamal Haasan has made the movie out of 3D Sound technique. 

Hollywood experts, upon seeing the movie have heaped appreciations.  Along with that, the movie won Kamal Haasan a Hollywood movie chance. 

The movie is set for release directly in Tamil and Hindi.  The movie is dubbed in Telugu.

As release date for the movie is nearing, the movie was sent to censor board for clearance.  The censor officials raised objections against some scenes.  Following objection by censor board, controversial scenes were removed. Also, the movie received ‘U/A’ certification. 

The censor board upon seeing Hindi version of Viswaroopam did not object to any scene and gave ‘A’ certification for the movie.  The audio launch for the movie is to be held next month.  The movie is to be released on December.

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