Vivek’s contribution beyond cinemas through ‘Pasumai Kalam’ plan

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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012

Vivek’s contribution beyond cinemas through ‘Pasumai Kalam’ plan

It is hard reality that the comedy arena without Vadivelu doesn’t look good.  Comedian Vivek said ‘I desire that everybody is happy... I believe things will be set right soon.’

Vivek has performed a feat by planting more than 10 lakh trees through his ‘Greenery Kalam’ plan.  Beyond being a good comedian, there is uplift to Vivek’s image through this effort.

Vivek started off the ‘Greenery Kalam’ plan the last June.  Now, Vivek has reached the desired target.  The plan has been carried out only in select districts in Tamil Nadu.  Soon, Vivek is into carrying out the plan in rest of the districts.

Regarding this, Vivek gave an interview.  Here are excerpts from that:

‘This is the first step towards Abdul Kalam’s plan to plant 1 crore trees.  There is plan to carry out planting of rest of the trees throughout Tamil Nadu.’

‘It is not known how long it would take.  But we have faith that the plan would be carried out.’

‘Many organizations stand by me in the effort.  They take up the cost of planting trees.  I thank people from those organizations.’

‘The sad truth is that there is absence of knowledge that greenery causes rain.  I am to campaign to make people realise the fact.’

Regarding the situation that Abdul Kalam is not able to become president...

‘I cannot opine on that.  It is his individual decision to stand in elections.  But he is our president always.  We would do anything for him.  We abide by him.’

Regarding your upcoming flick ‘MurattukkaaLai’ which comes after a short gap...

‘The movie has priority for comedy.  For the first time I do a eunuch.  The movie has received tremendous welcome.’

‘Particularly there is welcome for making use of ‘PadhinaaRu Vayadhinilae’ comedy.  I am a fan of the film. A long time desire has fructified through my comedy in ‘MurattukKaaLai’. 

‘Cell Murugan proved a befitting character for comedy in ‘PadhinaaRu Vayadhinilae’.  The comedy is much spoken about.’

At one juncture, both you and Vadivelu were in the peak... How do you see the comedy arena without Vadivelu..?

‘It is painful.  I do not desire to go into whether Vadivelu is reason for the problem he has now... or whether anybody else is the reason... I desire that everybody is happy...  soon things will be set right... I believe.’

Your next round...

Vivek who was keenly into the ‘Greenery Kalam’ seems to have missed out doing movies.  This year, he is to keenly concentrate on movies.

Vivek has many movies as Surya Starrer ‘Singam 2’, Muktha Sundar’s ‘Paththaayiram Kodi’ and ‘Kandaa’.  He is to join hands with his previous heroes as Ajit and Vijay.

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