What Arya decided about his wedding in TV show

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Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

 What Arya decided about his wedding in TV show

The reality show, Enga Veetu Maapilai, came to a grand closure with much fan-fare and celebrations. The finale showcased special and exciting moments of Arya’s quest in finding a soulmate.

Offering their support to Arya on the D-Day, past contestants like Abharnathi, Devasurya, Naveena joined the celebrations. Commenting on the experience, Actor Arya said “The journey began in a small way, with a video. But today, as we stand here all I am grateful for is the unconditional love, affection that I have received from the girls, their families and the viewers who now see me as a family member.

I will always be thankful to Colors Tamil and team for all their efforts towards finding my life partner. It has been an overwhelming journey, something that has helped me grow and understand the values of human emotions. Through all of this the girls have stood by me, my decision and they have trusted me, which I will certainly value for life.

”Whilst I have short listed Susana, Agatha and Seetha and visited their house to interact with parents and family members, I still feel it is important that I spend more time with these three girls on a personal level before making a final decision as it is not just about my life but involves parents and family members from both the sides. I will surely reveal my soulmate name very soon', added Actor Arya.

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