What is Kidari?, Sasikumar clarifies

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Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

What is Kidari?, Sasikumar clarifies

Sasikumar starrer Kidari is complete and ready for release this September. Directed by Prashanth Murugesan, it stars Nikhila Vimal opposite him.Interestingly the moie is produced by Sasikumar imself.

Says Sasikumar, 'Kidaari means a person who is rough and tough by nature. However, this Kidaari has a sense of humour when the situation demands it and is a romantic too'.The movie would be censored soon.

'When I heard the script from Prashanth, it was so fascinating, that I felt like directing the movie in addition to acting in it! He has a firm grip on the medium, and among all my films, Kidaari was completed in just 65 days', he adds.

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