Why Induja chosen to act in Boomerang?

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Monday, Jul 30, 2018

Why Induja chosen to act in Boomerang?

Actress Induja shot to fame with Meyadhaa Maan. Her performance as Vaibhav's sister in the movie won her applause. The talented actress has been roped in to play a key role in Boomerang.Directed by Kannan, the action-thriller stars Atharva and Meka Akash of Enaui Nokki Payum Thotta in lead roles.

Says Kannan, 'Induja made my job easier with her spontaneous performance. She inhales the inmost quality of her characterization and exhales the best out of it through her performance'.

'As the script progresses to the next point, it demanded an artist, who would effortlessly yet intensely deliver it.  Having watched Induja perform diversified roles in couple of movies, she became our immediate choice'.


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