Women’s organization protests Kareena’s ‘Heroine’

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Saturday, Jul 28, 2012

Women’s organization protests Kareena’s ‘Heroine’

Kareena Kapoor is doing a movie titled ‘Heroine’.  The movie centers life of actresses.  The movie is a directorial venture by Madhur Bandarkar.  The budget for the movie is Rs. 18 crore.  Kareena Kapoor appears glamorously, and appears smoking cigarette and taking alcohol for scenes in the movie.

Posters showing Kareena Kapoor smoking a cigarette and carrying a glass of wine are now to be seen in Mumbai.  This has created sensation among people in Mumbai.  The movie is to be released only in September.  The posters have been pasted as advertisement for the movie.

Already, Vidya Balan did ‘The Dirty Picture’ centering late actress Silk Smitha’s life.  Vidya Balan did exceeding glamour for the movie.  Women’s associations condemned the movie.

Also, case was filed in the court.  But, the movie was released and turned hit.  Vidya Balan received national award for performance in the movie.  Kareena Kapoor, placing hope upon National Award has volunteered for glamour and smokes cigarette and takes liquor for scenes in the movie.  Women’s organizations have condemned this and have sent a written communication to Central Government against the movie.  Also, posters were torn apart.  Following protest, smoking scenes have been removed from trailer of the movie.

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