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Embrayos of smoking mothers grow more slowly in IVF treatment!

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Jul 9, 2012 - 2:29:32 AM

IVF treatment
A new technology, which involves time-lapse photography, has shown that embryos of smoking women develop more slowly when compared to non smoking women.

Scientists and doctors as part of a research study regarding IVF treatment released this latest report.

IVF is the technology used now-a-days to help conceive a mother by artificial means if she can't conceive by natural means.

They took regular pictures of those artificially developed egg from stage to stage varying from the moment it was fertilized until it was ready to be implanted into the mother.

At all stages of development, embryos of smoking women were at least couple of hours behind those of the non smoking women.

The lead researcher, from Nantes University Hospital, commented as follows, "If you want a baby, you have to quit smoking".

As a small sample to prove the above fact they released the following research study. According to it, smoker's embryos took 62 hours to reach the eight-cell stage when compared to 58 hours in non-smokers.

According to wiki, there are 8 stages involved in IVF treatment.

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