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Report finds fault with progress in provincial health systems across Canada.

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Jun 8, 2012 - 10:39:07 PM

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The latest report from the Health Council of Canada (HCC) does seem to intrigue the already troubled provincial governments across Canada.

According to this agency's 2012 progress report, the provinces are generally following the 2003 guidelines and commitments to improve the home care, health care and to increase the number of doctors and nurses at a facility though they know that no of people living in their respective provinces has increased significantly to decrease the quality of the system.

But the report says that the progress that has been attained by the provinces as far as health care is concerned, is far from uniform across Canada.

The health council also blames the vagueness of the 2003 commitments between the federal and provincial governments.

Provincial governments, only in the recent past, after failing to convince the federal finance minister of Canada Jim Flaherty to increase the health quota to the provinces by 6% every year irrespective of the annual GDP growth of the country, have blamed the federal government of its inflexibility towards provincial health care systems as the reason for the poor progress.

Though it seems that it is now the turn of the federal agency to put the blame on provincial governments, the concerned citizens and senior citizens are eagerly awaiting to see the day light as far as progress in health care system across Canada is concerned irrespective of the province they are living.

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