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Smartphone users risking their health with overuse of the device

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Jun 20, 2012 - 4:19:49 AM

Smartphone users beware.
Do you often use smart-phones, tablets and laptops? Then read this news with some extra care.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has found out that people who are using smartphones, tablets and laptops, even after leaving the office, risk their health by overusing those devices.


The society says that people have become "screen slaves" and are often working while commuting or after they left office. It also says that poor posture in these environments could lead to back and neck pain.

In an online survey conducted by the society which was attended by 2,010 office workers, it found that nearly two-thirds of the surveyees continued working outside office hours.

The organization said, on an average, people were topping up their regular working hours with more than two hours of extra screen-time every day.

The data suggested that having too much work and easing pressure during the day were the two main reasons for the extra workload.

Beware smart-phone users.

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