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How much information do you actually have and how current is it?
We currently store over millions of individual film/TV credits, but since the number of films and people listed in the database grows every day, we have a separate page with the most current statistics. Our servers are constantly updated with information with all current and upcoming movie releases.

May I use a photo from your site for my web site or publication?
Most of the photos on our site are licensed to us for our own use only. We do not have the authority to sublicense them to others. Photos on our site may be licensed directly from the license holders.

May I buy photos from your site for my own personal use?
No, the IMDb does not sell posters or gallery photos.

What are the advantages of registering with IMDb.com?
Registration gives you access to additional benefits features and personalization options: you'll be able to cast votes and submit user comments.

You have so much information! Where should I start?
The menu bar located at the top of every page has links to our main site features. All our pages also include a search box in the upper portion of the screen to quickly locate a film or a name (just type something into the box and click on the 'Go' button).

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