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Jenma Natchathiram
Name: Jenma Natchathiram
Censor Type: U
Running Time: 117 min
Genre: Horror
Release Date: August 30, 1991
Director: Thakkali Srinivasan
Stars: PrasannaVivekSridevi
Music Director: Premi Srini
Producer: Dhinakkar Sudharsan

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Credited cast:
Vichithra Vichithra ...
Nassar Nassar ...
Father Morphine
Vivek Vivek ...
Prasanna Prasanna ...
Sridevi Sridevi ...


Jenma Natchathiram (தமிழ்: ஜென்ம நட்சத்திரம், English: Birth Star) is a 1991 Tamil supernatural horror film directed and Screenplays by Thakkali Srinivasan for Thirai Gangai Films.The film dialogue were written by Ma. Pandarinathan, and story were written by Krishnan respectively. Music by Premi - Srini assets to the soundtrack. It Stars Baby Vichithra played titular role with Pramoth, Sindhuja and Vivek played pivotal role. The film was unofficial remake of The Omen, 1976 British/American supernatural horror drama film directed by Richard Donner.

The film concerns a Young Child adopted at birth by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Private Secretary Anthony unbeknownst to his wife, after their own son is stillborn. They are surrounded by mysterious and ominous deaths. Unaware that the child is the Antichrist.

In Coimbatore, collector Anthony (Pramoth) is in a hospital where is wife Jenny Anthony (Sindhuja) gives birth to a boy, who he told dies moments after being born. Anthony is convinced by the hospital chaplain head doctor Philips (V. Gopalakrsihnan) to secretly adopt an orphan whose mother dies at the same time. Anthony agrees, but does not reveal to his wife that the child is not theirs. They name the child as Damien Anthony.

Soon after, Anthony is appointed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's private secretary. When Damien reaches the age of five, Anthony is transferred to Madras. Mysterious events plague the Anthonys: large black dogs congregate near the Anthony home; Damien's nanny publicly hangs herself at his 5th birthday party; a new nanny Mrs. Elizabeth (Indradevi) arrives unannounced to replace her; the five-year-old Damien violently resists entering a church; and zoo animals are terrified of Damien.

Father Morphine (Nassar) a Catholic Priest tries repeatedly to warn the Anthonys about Damien's mysterious origins, hinting that Damien may not be human. The priest later tells Anthony that Jenny is pregnant and that Damien will prevent her from having the child. Afterward, Father Morphine is impaled and killed by a lightning rod thrown from the roof of a church during a sudden storm. Upon returning home, Jenny tells Anthony that she is pregnant and wants an abortion. Learning of Father Morphine's death, photographer Swaminathan (G. Anantharaman) investigating Damien.

He notices shadows in photographs of the Nanny and of Father Morphine that seem to presage their bizarre deaths. Photos of Swaminathan also show these shadows, Swami shows Anthony the photos and tells him he also believes that Damien is a threat and that he wants to help Anthony. While Anthony is away, Damien knocks Jenny over an upstairs railing to the floor below, causing her to miscarry.

Swami and Anthony travel to Coimbatore to investigate Damien's birth. A fire destroyed the hospital records and the maternity and nursery wards five years earlier. Most of the staff on duty died in the fire. Anthony and Swami trace Dr. Philips to Church abbey in Coimbatore, where he is recuperating from his injuries.

Stricken mute, blind in his right eye and paralysed in his right arm, Philips write the name of an ancient Cemetery in Athivettu, where is Damien's biological mother is buried. Anthony and Swami find a jackal carcass in the grave and in the child's grave next to it, the child's skeleton with a shattered skull. These are Damien's unnatural "mother" and the remains of the Anthony's own child, murdered at birth so that Damien could take his place. Swami reiterates Father Morphine's belief that Damien is the Antichrist whose coming is being supported by a conspiracy of Satanists. A pack of wild dogs, similar to ones seen near the Anthony's mansion, drive Anthony and Swami out of the cemetery.

Back in Madras, Mrs.Elizabeth persuades a nurse to allow her access to Jenny, who is heavily sedated and under police protection. Once inside the room, Mrs. Elizabeth pushes Jenny out of the window, causing her to fall into an Ambulance truck, killing her. Anthony and Swami travel to Pondicherry to find Lawrence(Thakkali Srinivasan), an archaeologist and expert on the Antichrist.

Lawrence explains that if Damien is the Antichrist he will have a birthmark in shape of three sixes, under his hair if now where else. Anthony learns that the only way to kill the Antichrist is with seven mystical daggers appalled by the idea of murdering a child. Anthony discards the daggers, but when Swami tries to retrieve them, he is decapitated by a sheet of window glass sliding off a truck, matching the shadow across his neck which had presaged his death.

Returning home, Anthony examines Damien for the birthmark, finding it on the child's scalp. Mrs. Elizabeth attacks him and in the ensuing struggle, Anthony kills her. He loads Damien and the daggers in to a car and drives to nearest church. Due to his erratic driving, he is followed by the police, who arrive as he is dragging the screaming child to the altar.

An officer orders him to raise his hands and stand away. Anthony raises the first dagger, and the officers fires his gun. The double funeral of Jenny and Anthony is attended by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, who now has custody of a smiling Damien. Just before The credits roll, Revelation 13:18 Appears: Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding, count the number of the beast for it the number of a man and his number is 666.   




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