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Name: Shivaay
Censor Type: U
Running Time: 158 min
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: October 28, 2016
Director: Ajay Devgn
Stars: Girish RaghunathSayyeshaaErika Kaar
Music Director: Mithoon Sharma
Producer: Ajay Devgan

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Credited cast:
Sayyeshaa Sayyeshaa ...
Girish Raghunath Girish Raghunath ...
Anushkas father
Erika Kaar Erika Kaar ...
Abigail Eames Abigail Eames ...
Vir Das Vir Das ...
Saurabh Shukla Saurabh Shukla ...
Anushkas boss
Bijou Thaangjam Bijou Thaangjam ...


Shivaay is a 2016 Indian action thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Devgan under his banner Ajay Devgn FFilms. It features Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa Saigal, and Erika Kaar in lead roles. Mithoon has composed the film's score and soundtrack.British band The Vamps and composer Jasleen Royal are also a part of the music.

Shivaay was released on 28 October 2016 on the Diwali weekend.

The film opens with a Himalayan mountaineer, Shivaay, rapelling down a dangerous cliff in the Himalayas. Shivaay lives alone in a small house in the mountains and makes a living by providing treks and climbing expeditions to tourists. On one such trek he meets the beautiful Olga, a student from Bulgaria and saves her from an avalanche. They eventually fall in love. Olga becomes pregnant. He implores her to remain in India with him, but despite her love for Shivaay, Olga does not want the child.She wants to return to Bulgaria and asks Shivaay to return with her but he cannot adapt to that life. He begs her to give him the child after which he will not stop her. Olga has a beautiful daughter, Gaura, who looks just like her mother, and asks Shivaay to tell the daughter that her mother died, and leaves India forever. Eight years later we are shown that Shivaay leads a happy life with Gaura in the mountains. His daughter is mute, but this doesn't disturb their happy life.There is a turn when because of an earthquake, Gaura discovers Olga's last letter to Shivaay and gets to know that Olga, her mother, is still alive and in Bulgaria. Gaura insists Shivaay to be taken to Bulgaria and despite his old sorrows, Shivaay finally agrees to take Gaura to Sofia, Bulgaria.Shivaay and Gaura arrive in Sofia and begin looking for Olga. During this time Shivaay discovers that young children are being trafficked through Bulgaria. He saves one young child and this is reported in the press. Shivaay requests the Indian embassy for help in tracing Olga and is assigned to Anu, an eager young officer at the embassy. The traffickers, led by the baron Ustinov and his right-hand man, the unseen Changez, come after Shivaay and kidnap Gaura. Shivaay chases the van destroying various cars and causing the unintentional death of a police officer in the process. He loses the van and is arrested by the Bulgarian police and charged with murder and trafficking. The latter charge is applied because he was never married to Olga and the police therefore refuse to believe that Gaura, who is fair skinned, is his own daughter.

An Indian officer tells Shivaay that the police are refusing to believe his talks,and even they are thinking that Shivaay is himself a child trafficker.In RIGORIUOS ANGER, Shivaay attacks the police to escape, but fails and is now being taken to the court.While in the police van, Shivaay is very very sad and is told that this organ trade business is run by Russian Mafia which are invincible.Shivaay, who imagines that the officers in the van are the same masked traffickers, again attacks them and throws out every single officer from the van. The van accidentally falls off a dam,and the police think that shivaay is dead.On the other hand, Shivaay is seen hanging below the dam with red eyes in anger, and now he has become a destroyer who will destroy everything that prevents him from finding Gaura.

He reaches Anu who advises him to surrender. The other embassy officer explains that the trafficking trade is worth billions and is operated by very dangerous men with deep police and political connections.Shivaay meets Anu privately but she alerts the cops and Shivaay is nearly arrested again. He escapes and disappears into the streets. He visits various slums and brothels asking about his daughter and ends up busting open a small flesh trade den and liberating many young children. Anu is shocked at Shivaay's rage until her own father explains that they are merely the actions of a desperate father. When Shivaay brings one of the saved prostitutes to Anu's home and asks Anu to help her out, Anu has a complete change of heart and agrees to help Shivaay locate his daughter even if it means going outside legal limits. Anu and Shivaay seek the help of Anu's wannabe boyfriend and computer hacker Wahab to recover CCTV footage of Shivaay's various chases. Shivaay is able to identify Ivanovich and, through Wahab's computer hacking, is able to lure Ivanovich to a trap. After a vicious fight, Ivanovich reveals Ustinov's location and the reference to Changez. Olga, having now seen television coverage of Shivaay, meets Shivaay and joins the quest to find Gaura. Arriving at Ustinov's mountain lodge, Shivaay finds Ustinov dead, and finds the bodies of various children, who were victims of the organ trade, in the basement. He discovers that Gaura has been taken away to Romania to be sold into the flesh trade.

Shivaay deduces that Changez has to be a dirty cop: only a cop would be able to trace the CCTV computer download and thus beat Shivaay to the Ustinov cabin. Shivaay chases after the transport van carrying his daughter off to Romania. He uses his advanced mountain skills to scale the Balkan mountains near Vidin-Calafat and stop the van. A prolonged and vicious fight ensues as Changez, now revealed to be Captain Nikolai of the Bulgarian Police, attacks Shivaay. After a savage hand-to-hand fight, Shivaay kills Changez with a three-pronged ice stalactite. Gaura is reunited with Olga who is now married to a wealthy Bulgarian and can provide Gaura with every comfort. Shivaay is devastated at the prospect of losing Gaura, but, seeing as Olga now beseeches him, he leaves for the airport with a heavy heart. The film ends as Gaura runs into Shivaay's arms and rips up his tickets before he boards the plane, thus keeping her promise to stay with him.   




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Rs. 105 crore (estimated)

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Ajay Devgan

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