» Veppam
30 Jul, 2011
Gautham Menon’s resolve to bring movies of a new genre and fresh league is being seen very evident
» Karungaali
29 Jul, 2011
For a bold attempt and a rare story to be made in Tamil, ‘Karungaali’ could have been a successful film if the makers h
» Kanchana
22 Jul, 2011
We Saw Actor cum Director Raghava Lawrence’s Performance in his Previous collections Mass, Style and muni. And now he is back
» Deivathirumagal
15 Jul, 2011
Hats off to Vikram and his director Vijay for taking the road less travelled with their Deivathirumagal. It is an
» Venghai
12 Jul, 2011
A righteous landlord, a do-gooder son taking against the evil force to see that the society lives in peace
» Nootrenbadhu
12 Jul, 2011
It is definitely a milestone movie for Siddharth, who is coming back to Kollywood after a gap of 7 years. With the visuals of Jayendra,
» Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu
09 Jul, 2011
This time he makes this a come-back flick for his son ‘Jithan’ Ramesh. ‘Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu
» Udhayan
09 Jul, 2011
‘Vamsam’ was a perfect launch for Arulnidhi. His second movie should have taken him to the next level.
» Avanivan
27 Jun, 2011
Bala and comedy? Avan Ivan raised a few eyebrows and created frown lines in our foreheads

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